Changing a Cluster’s Plan

Let’s discuss how to change a cluster’s plan the Bonsai’s Cluster Dashboard.

To begin, navigate to the cluster’s Plan under Settings on the cluster dashboard.

If you haven’t added billing information yet, please do so at Account Billing. Detailed steps can be found in Add a Credit Card

Once there is billing information listed on the account, you will see the different options for changing the cluster’s plan. Select the plan you would like to change to and click the green Change to … Plan button. In this example, this `documentation_cluster` is on a Sandbox plan and it will be upgraded to a Standard Micro plan.

A successfully changed plan will notify you at the top with Plan scheduled for update. The Plan has been upgraded to the Standard Micro plan in this example.

Can't Downgrade?

Please note that downgrading a plan may fail to update if it puts the cluster in an Overage State for the new plan. For example, downgrading a Standard Micro plan to a Sandbox plan will fail if there is 11 shards on the cluster (Sandbox plan has a shard limit of 10).

Having trouble changing a plan? Let us know at