Refund & Credit Policy


Customers may downgrade a cluster's plan or destroy it at any time to receive a prorated service credit. This credit will be automatically applied to the next billing cycle.

For example, suppose a customer creates a cluster on a $50/month plan, then downgrades to a $20/month plan after 14 days. The customer would receive a $25 service credit for the unused time at the $50/mo rate, less $10 for the remainder of the billing period at the $20/mo rate. This leaves the customer with a credit of $15.

At the end of the first billing period, they would be charged $5 for the next month, as the $15 credit would be deducted from their normal rate of $20/mo. In the following month, the customer would pay the normal rate of $20.

Credits are not issued for service and performance related reasons on our free, Staging and Standard subscriptions. However, there are special SLAs available to Business and Enterprise customers, wherein service disruptions may result in a service credit according to a predetermined schedule negotiated directly with our sales and legal teams prior to using Bonsai.


Per our Terms of Service, One More Cloud, Inc. is generally not required to refund a subscription fee under any circumstances. One More Cloud is also not liable for damages incurred through use of the service.

Extenuating Circumstances?

Customers with extenuating circumstances should reach out to and describe their situation for consideration.