HTTP 404: Cluster Not Found

The "Cluster not found"-variant HTTP 404 is distinct from the "Index not found" message. This error message indicates that the routing layer is unable to match your URL to a cluster resource. This can be caused by a few things:

  • A typo in the URL. If you're seeing this in the command line or terminal, then it's possible the hostname is wrong due to a typo or incomplete copy/paste.
  • The cluster has been destroyed. If you deprovision a cluster, it will be destroyed instantly. Further requests to the old URL will result in an HTTP 404 Cluster Not Found response.
  • The cluster has not yet been provisioned. There are a couple cases in which clusters take a few minutes to come online. Attempting to access the cluster before it's operational can lead to an HTTP 404 response.

If you have confirmed that: A) the URL is correct (see Connecting to Bonsai for more information), B) the cluster has not been destroyed, and C) the cluster should be up and running, and D) you're still receiving HTTP 404 responses from the cluster, then send us an email and we'll investigate.