Which Versions Bonsai Supports

Bonsai supports a large number of Elasticsearch versions in regions all over the world. Multitenant class clusters usually have more limited options in terms of available regions and versions, while single tenant class clusters have far more options.

If you need a version or geographic region that is not listed here, reach out to our support and let us know what you need. We can get you a quote and timeline for getting up and running.

Multitenant Class

Bonsai operates a fleet of shared resource nodes in Oregon, Virginia, Ireland, Frankfurt, and Sydney. The Elasticsearch versions available on these nodes do not change often.

Sandbox clusters are limited to the most recent version of Elasticsearch and may be subject to automatic upgrades when a new version is released.

For all other multitenant plans, when Bonsai adds support for a new version, we will create a new server group rather than upgrading an existing group. The exception to this is a potential patch upgrade in response to some critical vulnerability. In other words, users will not be upgraded in place unless there is a vulnerability to address or if they are on a Sandbox plan. Read How Bonsai Handles Elasticsearch Releases for more information.

This table shows which versions of Elasticsearch are available for multitenant plans. Last updated: 2021-04-12.

Plan Elasticsearch Versions
Sandbox 7.2.0
All other multitenant 5.6.16 / 6.5.4 / 7.2.0

Single Tenant Class

Single tenant clusters can be deployed in Oregon, Virginia, Ireland, Frankfurt, Sydney, and Tokyo. We support a variety of Elasticsearch versions for these kinds of clusters and will default to the most recent unless something else is specified.

This table shows which versions of Elasticsearch are available for single tenant plans. Last updated: 2021-04-12.

Plan Elasticsearch Versions
All single tenant 2.4.0 / 5.6.16 / 6.3.2 / 6.4.2 / 6.5.4 / 6.6.2 / 7.2.0 / 7.10.2